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Polder photographer

About Peter Stuurman

Peter Stuurman was born in Krimpenerwaard, a beautiful natural area in the Green Heart. Peter is a true polder man. Even though in his younger years he felt he had to “go out and discover the world,” the love for the polder led him back to the Krimpenerwaard. His passion is to go out with his camera and tell the story of the polder through his photographs.


Photos on glass

Photos for sale on museum-quality plexiglass. Plexiglass enhances the color intensity depth and detail of the photo.


I am going to teach you how to look at a landscape in order to take such special photos as well.


Book Polder Love

I show the beautiful Krimpenerwaard with my photographs and the poems of Sisy Bakker.

With my photos I want to inspire people to visit the Krimpenerwaard, by bike, on foot or by car.

The old master

This shot was taken in the Krimpenerwaard on the Kadijk in Bergambacht The name is the old master.

Sunrise and morning fog

This shot was taken in the Krimpenerwaard in the Vist towards Haastrecht The name is sunrise and morning fog.

The willow tree

This shot was taken in the Krimpenerwaard on the Franklin trail in Schoonhoven The name is The Willow Tree.

Through the lens of my camera, I imagine myself in a huge and beautiful painting.

Customers Tell

What a fantastic interview and so great to hear how your company is off to such a great start with an exhibition!!! Congratulations!!! You take beautiful pictures and you are a great example for how specialization can make your business flourish and make your hobby, your great love your job! Thanks for sharing.

Kind regards, Natacha

Nice video Peter! Nice story! Didn't know about all those foreign fans! So you really are an ambassador of also my Krimpenerwaard! Thanks! Good luck with your own business!

Watch the video>>

Frederick of Holland

What beautiful photos you take Peter! Some look just like a painting. You always know how to find the beautiful spots. Great that you approach it professionally. Next October 4, your first exhibition at the Silver Museum in Schoonhoven. Best of luck and keep up the good work! You make a lot of people happy with your beautiful photos!

Roos Borst Hollow

“The Krimpenerwaard polder is one of the most beautiful areas.”


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