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Peter Stuurman was born in Krimpenerwaard, a beautiful natural area in the Green Heart. Peter is a true polder man. Even though in his younger years he felt he had to “go out and discover the world,” the love for the polder led him back to the Krimpenerwaard.
That many appreciate his work is proven by his Twitter account with more than 18,000 followers around the world.
His passion is to go out with his camera and tell the story of the polder through his photographs.
The Krimpenerwaard is an area in the province of South Holland covering more than 17,000 ha, enclosed by three rivers, the Hollandsche IJssel, the Lek and the Vlist. The vast polder landscape has two municipalities: Krimpenerwaard and Krimpen aan den IJssel.

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Laps on the bike through the krimpenerwaard

Polder photos

“The hallmark of the art of photography by Peter Stuurman is the depiction of Dutch landscapes in 1/3 land and 2/3 sky.”

With my photos I want to inspire people to visit the Krimpenerwaard, by bike, on foot or by car. They will be amazed and sure to enjoy this beautiful natural area.

The Krimpenerwaard polder is one of the most beautiful areas. The water, the many birds and the narrow country roads, you don’t see them anywhere else in the Netherlands. The people who work and live there are also special. My photographs show my love for the Krimpenerwaard and its polder landscape.
Through the lens of my camera, I imagine myself in a huge and beautiful painting. A painting that I also want to show other people. Picture this: You look at the vast landscape in my photograph and you have a feeling as if you, the viewer, are disappearing into that landscape.
With the exhibition Designed by Nature, a big dream is coming true.


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